the-story.pngMarvin The Golf Caddy Dog

Marvin, the dog, was a happy golden retriever. However, his owner did not like Marvin. He wanted Marvin to lie around all day and do nothing. Marvin wanted to play. One day Marvin’s owner said, “Marvin, let’s go for a ride...”

Marvin reached Main Street. He saw a huge fence and open gate. He decided to walk in and take a look.

“Wow,” Marvin thought. “This is the most beautiful yard I have ever seen. What fun this could be...”

Marvin was tired. He decided to take a nap. He crawled into a cool spot underneath a large bush and went to sleep.

Marvin awakened to the sound of a little boy playing golf. Marvin yawned and began to watch the little boy hit his funny white ball.Over and over again, Marvin would watch the little boy hit the ball with a funny-looking stick. It amazed Marvin.